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Well Baby and Healthy Child Clinic

The parents look for the best treatments available for their kids in order to ensure their good health. They consult various doctors at different stages of their child’s life to monitor the health with the help of tests and vaccinations but what if you get all these services in one go? Our Well baby and Healthy Child Clinic in Rewari is dedicated in keeping the health of your child in check right from the stage of new-born with the help of regular health check-ups, vaccinations, and guidelines about diet as well proper hygiene and care. we are the best Child Specialist in Rewari area.

Our facilities and guidelines can keep the child from various infections, catching diseases and also promote to proper growth. We have a team of best child Specialist doctors in Rewari to discuss with parents and teach them the ways to ensure and maintain the health of their child.

We provide services like:

  1. Growth monitoring of the baby.
  2. Follow up of the development of child.
  3. Vaccination chart for every kid.
  4. Hearing screening, vision screening and preventive medical check-ups.
  5. Nutrition and diet counselling from dietician.

We also provide some other services for the children apart from the listed above. You can even come with your child and discuss the issues with our doctors if you have any complaint. Our clinic is more of like a guidance centre for both the parents and the children to maintain their overall health and development. Our extensive staff of experienced doctors, nurses, we provide personal attention to every child for a faster recovery. We also provide professional aid in taking care of a child who has been through a surgery or a medication treatment. Along with this our dieticians take care of the nutrition and provide a diet counselling to parents and child. Our Well Baby and Healthy Child Clinic is one stop solution for you and your baby in Rewari.