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“Birth of a child is yet another birth of a woman”. The emotions associated with child birth are tumultuous in every way. From anxiety, depression, frequent panic attacks to endless joy, happiness and gratitude the journey of a mother is exhilarating. No matter how strong these emotions might be the mother should not get away with them and stay calm at the time of delivery. Moreover, it is quite necessary for the father to provide morale support to the mother and help her in building the strength she deserves. It takes mutual efforts of the couple to lead a fruitful journey of 9 months and consequently the delivery. Antenatal care helps in carving the path of this fruitful journey for the wannabe mothers and fathers.

As a gynaecologist we can help and guide you through your pregnancy and child birth in a minimal stressful way possible. Sometimes due to unfortunate reasons there can be complications with the child birth and so a comprehensive care is required for the mother. An appropriate counselling of the mother along with proper diet and work out regime the mother and child can be brought out of the danger. Whether it is the birth of twins or a pregnancy after recurrent abortions we are here with our team of experienced gynaecologists in Rewari to help you through.

The services we provide include:

  • Prepregnancy counselling and care.
  • Assessment and handling of high risk pregnancy cases (including delivery), like:
  • Women with recurrent pregnancy losses/abortions.
  • Medical disorders like diabetes, hypertension, pre eclampsia and thyroid disorders.
  • Bleeding complications in pregnancy.
  • Twin pregnancy.
  • Foetal growth abnormalities.
  • Preterm labour.
  • Women with previous caesarean deliveries.
  • Women planning a VBAC (Vaginal birth after caesarean)
  • Pregnancies after IVF.
  • Pregnancies in women after 35.
  • Screening for down syndrome or chromosomal or structural problems in pregnancy.
  • Abnormal Doppler in pregnancy.
  • Pregnancies in women with Rh-negative blood groups.
  • Post-term pregnancy.