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Immunization, that is, in simpler words vaccination is the most effective and safe way to guard your children from contagious diseases and infections. Getting your child vaccinated on time will protect him from 15 vaccine preventable diseases like, Chicken pox, Diphtheria, Hepatitis, Influenza, Measles and Mumps, Polio and so on. A routine vaccination schedule strengthens the immune system and thus keeps the contagious diseases at bay. Today, even in the era of technology not many people are aware of the vaccination schedule for their children after birth. So, government has created various polls in the cities in order to distribute awareness among people. The dosing frequency, age limit and type of vaccination is sometimes not easy to recall. Hence, we have brought a specialized vaccination services to safeguard your children from diseases.

Our vaccination service includes a detailed vaccination chart including the age, type and frequency of vaccination. We make sure that your kids get their vaccination in time by updating the chart from time to time. Our team also provides a counselling to parents and children in order to aware them about the rampant diseases and the importance of timely vaccination.