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High Risk Pregnancy

Child birth is a quite natural process. A woman after a long duration of 9 months goes into a labour and delivers a healthy baby. She then resumes to her day-to-day after a day and two and take care of herself and the baby. This is how a normal delivery is. However, some women experience otherwise which is referred to as a high risk pregnancy. A pregnancy can said to be of high risk when the life of mother, baby or both is in danger. A high risk pregnancy thus asks for extra care and management by an expert to ensure the best outcome for both mother and the baby. There can be myriad of reasons which can turn a pregnancy into a high risk one, like:

  1. Maternal age, an age low than 17 and higher than 35 generally poses risk during pregnancies.
  2. Medical issues before pregnancy, conditions such as high blood pressure, lungs, heart or kidney problems, diabetes, autoimmune disease, sexually transmitted disease or chronic infections are a risk factor for pregnancy.
  3. Medical conditions during pregnancy, like premature labours, multiple birth that is, twins, placenta previa, foetal problems also threaten the life of mother and the baby.

These problems are needed to be detected in the early stages of pregnancy so as to prevent and treat the condition. Even taking proper care before conception is necessary so as to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Our team of gynaecologists ensure the health of mother and baby before and throughout the pregnancy. We provide evaluation and management of high risk pregnancies by prevention techniques and treatments. We also recommend certain steps for the mother like,

  1. A folic acid intake of 400 mg before and after the pregnancy.
  2. Proper immunizations.
  3. A healthy diet and proper weight management.
  4. Regular physical activity.
  5. A regular check up.