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Pre Marital Counselling

Marriage is the beginning of new phase in life. It is altogether a new beginning to life. Wedding is all about understanding the partner and provide a firm support through thick and thins. However, it is only possible if the couples are connected on a mental and physical level with each other. The connection is only built with a thorough communication between the two. Hence, it becomes imperative to have discussions, a lot of discussions with your partner and exchange of opinions to understand each other in a better way. If the partners are unable to communicate on a deeper level then a counsellor can help them in resolving the void as well as ensure the overall health for a happier relationship. So, visiting a gynaecologist while deciding your marriage and ensuring a complete health examination from the perspective of sexual and reproductive health is a wise decision. The gynaecologist evaluates the complete family history of both partners, runs some tests, talk about their sexual health and provide contraception methods to ensure a happier married life. The couples are also made to talk to each other so that they can freely discuss their issues regarding varied topics most importantly sexual health and family planning. The gynaecologist studies the conversation and provides her views and best possible options for the couples. If you are wondering where to find such counselling in Rewari then you are at the right place. Our gynaecologists provide a thorough pre marital counselling to the couples. They make sure that they couples are well acquainted with each other, their future plans, family plans and sure about the sexual and reproductive health of each other to avoid unfortunate consequences in the future from the medical point of view.

The suggested medical investigations include,

  1. For both partners:
  2. Complete hemogram.
  3. Blood sugar, liver function tests, kidney function tests.
  4. Thyroid stimulating hormone.
  5. HbsAg, HIV, HCV-optional.
  6. Woman:
  7. Rubella antibody levels.
  8. Thalessemia screening.
  9. Pap smear.
  10. UCG pelvis.