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Infertility is a condition where a couple is unable to conceive because of various medical reasons. With changing lifestyle and pollution it has become very common in male and female today. Secondly, the society we live in rather consider it a taboo. Infertility can indeed be tragic for couples. It can occur due to many reasons like subfertility, ovulation disorder, age problem and problems with follicle growth. The exact reason behind infertility is required to be detected to resolve the problems at the earliest. With advent of technology and various treatments infertility cannot be considered a taboo any more. There are a plenty of treatments and procedures through which a couple can conceive. The most important factor is undoubtedly played by the gynaecologist in determining the condition and then providing the proper treatment to the woman. Our team of experts in Rewari help in gauging the underlying reason with the help of various tests and high end devices and provide the treatment which is best for you. We at maharaja hospital offer proper evaluation and management of male and female infertility and help you and your partner in conceiving.

There are multifarious options like fertility drugs, surgery, IVF which can help you in conceiving. IVF or In vitro fertilisation has helped many childless parents in completing their family. In this procedure the egg and sperm are fused outside the womb in a laboratory set up by maintaining proper temperature conditions. Once an embryo is formed it is carefully implanted in the womb. This is a highly effective procedure and the success of the treatment depends on the skills of the gynaecologist. Our gynaecologist help you in proper understanding of the condition, procedures and guide throughout the journey with ease. From planning a family to successful child birth we make sure to maintain good health of woman throughout the pregnancy.