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Pre Conception Counselling

Pregnancy is a natural process and definitely brings joy and happiness to the family but sometimes an unexpected pregnancy can fetch anxiety and worry among few couples. The thought of responsibilities and taking care of a child daunts them on a higher level. Taking care of the mother while and after pregnancy as well as the child is certainly daunting when the couples are unprepared. However, it can be a joyous journey if the couple is already prepared and taking decisions by giving everything a thought. That is what a pre conception counselling is all about. It frees you from the unnecessary anxiety associated with the pregnancy and prepares you for the one. If you are trying or thinking about getting pregnant then a pre conception planning can assist you and your partner understand how to prepare your body for the healthy pregnancy and how to maximize the chances of easy conception. Our gynaecologist in Rewari provide a broad counselling on the very topic and enlighten the couple regarding detailed medical history, thorough examination and required investigation to ensure a healthy pregnancy outcome. The gynaecologist provides supportive environment to the couple so as to discuss sensitive topics with them.

The benefits of preconception counseling are,

  1. Achieving the best status of health for both partners to achieve healthy pregnancy.
  2. To avoid pregnancy complications.
  3. To achieve the suffice body weight or BMI required for a healthy pregnancy.
  4. Screening for STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) before pregnancy and their treatments.
  5. Vaccination and cervical cancer test.
  6. Starting pre conceptional folic acid to prevent neural tube defects of the baby.

So, a pre conception counselling can not only frame your mind but also ensure a healthy pregnancy and avoid the risks associated with it.