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Neonatal Care

Babies are the biggest gifts for the couples. The exhilaration of holding the baby for the first time after a long anticipation of nine months is indeed out of the world for every parent. A child comes into the world to complete a family and sometimes it comes way too early because of various complications or other medical reasons. A delivery before the time period of gestation or in simpler words nine months is referred to as pre mature delivery. Such babies born before time have to face challenges of their own in order to survive as the body is not completely developed to sustain without the aid of mother. Thus, they need intensive care for the healthy growth and development. Generally, a dedicated ICU is developed called as the NICU for pre mature deliveries which takes care of all the atmospheric as well as nourishment factors with the help of many medical devices.

Our neonatologists provide the best care to babies born before 37 weeks of pregnancy, with low birth weight (less than 2.5 kg) or have a medical condition like heart disease or infections, or birth defects which asks for specialized treatments. As these babies take a while to adjust outside the womb, so we make sure that personal attention is provided to them. Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is equipped with latest technologies like GE Giraffe Incubators, Ventilation, HFOV and Nitric oxide etc. All these advanced technologies along with our neonatologists guide you with important information essential for nursing of the baby to ensure overall development.

Get the best neonatal services with NICU and our panel of experienced neonatologists in Rewari and assure the overall health of your baby.