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Delivery (Normal and Caesarean)

Child birth is no less than a celebration but a delivery can be quite challenging for a woman. The pain, anxiety and fear associated with labour are not something anyone can bear. The mother and child need a carefree and safe environment in the final days of pregnancy. The gynaecologist has to be competent enough to deal with both normal and caesarean deliveries. It takes making a right choice to get desired outcomes and so we understand your concern in selecting the best gynaecologist in Rewari.

With years of expertise and knowledge in the child care we offer a variety of services for the child and mother. Our team of gynaecologists and nurses take note of every detail associated with the pregnancy. Our primary aim is to provide a safe environment for child and mother as well as guide the mother throughout her journey of child birth. With our antenatal, gynaecological counselling and surgeries we help you to stay healthy and comfortable throughout your pregnancy.

Our services include:

  1. Normal deliveries (includes epidural analgesia for painless vaginal birth).
  2. Operative (Caesarean) deliveries.
  3. Advanced Neonatology services (Hospital based services-Neonatal ICU for premature babies and sick babies).
  4. Anesthesiology services (includes epidural analgesia for painless vaginal birth).
  5. Antenatal programme or Parent craft classes.
  6. Labour delivery recovery rooms.
  7. 24×7 pharmacy.